Today I told Rebecca that, “at least when you’re busy, you always know what you’re supposed to be doing at that moment.” I’m not exactly sure if she thought it was a profound statement or not, but today was one of those days.

February 1st marks the first boil of the year for our season and it was far from leisurely. We now have over 7,000 trees tapped, which means when we boil, we boil and boil and boil! 10:15am the furnace went on and at 6:49pm we cleaned the last evaporator pan. But it pays off when the day ends with 122 gallons of golden syrup!

Here’s a little look at our day…

The day started with making sure all equipment was clean and ready to go, this included Joel giving his boots the sauna treatment.
Rebecca is our fearless she tramped through the hills fixing leaks in the tubing
She's also the tractor queen.
Boiling away!

Mrs. Anderson mans the draw off.
And Joel keeps her company when she takes a rest. The job comes with perks: free samples!
Ruth keeps us laughing all through the day!
Reagan didn't want to miss out on the fun.
Caleb was honored with the first taste of the year.
We know how to keep ourselves entertained when Ruth's not around.
The day ended with the Promise of another good season!