New York Maple Weekend 2012

Roxbury Mountain Maple will be one of the maple producers participating in this year’s New York Maple Weekend.

March 17th–18th and 24th–25th from 12pm -6pm.

Each day will include an assortment of activities, such as:

  • Demonstrations of making maple cream, sugar and cotton candy.
  • Learning first hand how maple syrup is produced
  • Touring our state-of-the-art sugar house
  • Wagon rides through the sap grove.
  • Samples of our amazing maple products!

Come and enjoy a taste of maple. Also, bring the kids and get a little taste of farm life by meeting Rodney the steer, Penelope  the goat and our adorable baby chicks!

     For more information give us a call as well as check out the New York Maple  Weekend’s website at

New Product Updates

The fun thing about Holidays, even if they’re little ones like Valentine’s Day, is that we get the chance to create something new and lovely with our products! A little of this, and a little of that and…ta da! So check back often for new product pictures and updates to our store!