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How to Know When Maple Season is Over

It’s not too hard to tell when to end syrup production for the year: Our sap house starts smelling like cabbage. There are other hints that tell us to stop boiling. Swelling tree buds, while a lovely sight after the snow and cold, mean a less-than-lovely syrup flavor. The syrup tastes “buddy” (yes, that’s the […]

A Happy Maple Customer

We just received an email from a very happy customer, who purchased some of our Grade B Maple Syrup from Union Square Market! Here’s what she had to say: Hello from NYC! Just wanted to thank you guys for a great purchase today at Union Square Market. I am awful with names, but it may […]

How do you Know When to Tap a Maple Tree

Our dad is a pacer. Board room meetings and conference calls may work in sky-scrapers and corporate settings, but many of the most important decisions for our maple business get made while Papa walks between the dishwasher and the coffee table. You’d think our pine floors would be wearing thin. Perhaps one of the most […]


Welcome to Roxbury Mountain Maple! We hope you’ll make yourself at home. Our goal is not only to share our award-winning maple syrup with you, but also to give you an inviting and memorable experience. Located in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of upstate New York, we want to offer you a taste of the hills with the flavor of home.We’d love to serve you in our state-of-the-art sap house and shop.

Can’t make  the drive? Peruse our online maple syrup store for a great selection of all things maple. Besides maple syrup, we sell maple sugar, maple candy and popcorn, and a variety of gift baskets. We also offer specialty maple syrup wedding favors, maple syrup gift baskets, and related products.