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A Day in the Life of Your Thanksgiving Dinner

On a typical afternoon, our turkeys spread out around the pasture, minding their own business. Until a visitor comes along that is. Visitors might mean grain. And grain is exciting. Our delicious, healthy, happy turkeys are for sale for your Thanksgiving dinner. They cost $6 a pound, and you can pick them up at our […]

Maple Syrup Confessions

Selling maple syrup can be a lot like being a Catholic priest inside of a confessional box. People tell us all kinds of things. Some people tell us about their maple syrup sins. One customer admitted that he ate his entire tub of maple cream in two days. He just used a spoon and scooped […]

How to Know When Maple Season is Over

It’s not too hard to tell when to end syrup production for the year: Our sap house starts smelling like cabbage. There are other hints that tell us to stop boiling. Swelling tree buds, while a lovely sight after the snow and cold, mean a less-than-lovely syrup flavor. The syrup tastes “buddy” (yes, that’s the […]


Welcome to Roxbury Mountain Maple! We hope you’ll make yourself at home. Our goal is not only to share our award-winning maple syrup with you, but also to give you an inviting and memorable experience. Located in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of upstate New York, we want to offer you a taste of the hills with the flavor of home.We’d love to serve you in our state-of-the-art sap house and shop.

Can’t make  the drive? Peruse our online maple syrup store for a great selection of all things maple. Besides maple syrup, we sell maple sugar, maple candy and popcorn, and a variety of gift baskets. We also offer specialty maple syrup wedding favors, maple syrup gift baskets, and related products.